The Good & The Bad of Summer Weather in Alberta

Summer in Alberta is nothing short of amazing. We get to reconnect with the great outdoors, enjoy BBQ’s, festivities and each other. Summer can also bring amazing weather in the form of heat waves, hail storms, floods, forest fires and tornado’s.

Weather has changed dramatically through the years and it’s severity has increased due to climate change. Here are some great ideas to protect yourself and your property from the negative effects of Severe Weather.


  1. Create an emergency preparedness plan for your household and ensure you have an
    emergency kit. Items to include in the kit include water, canned food, flashlight and
    batteries, first aid, and cash. For more details, visit the Insurance Bureau of Canada.
    Ensure the items in your kit are not expired and in working order yearly.
  2. Make sure that barbecues and other outdoor furniture and appliances are either secure
    and covered or stored indoors.
  3. If possible, park your vehicle in a covered area such as a garage or a carport.
  4. Stay away from all windows, doors, and skylights during a storm.
  5. If you’re out during a storm, keep an eye out for flooded areas and don’t drive through
    them – find a safe place to pull over off to the side of the road.


  1. Investing in hail-resistant materials to replace their roof or siding. These materials, such as Class 4 Rated Hail Resistant Asphalt Shingles for their roof or Cement Fiber Board for their siding perform better in a storm.
  2. Check you sump pump regularly to make sure that it is working.
  3. Make sure all downspouts are clear of debris and pointed away from your home.
  4. Unless ordered to evacuate. Stay Home and find safe areas in your home, when local emergency alerts have been activated for extreme weather.
  5. Follow all fire safety bans in your area.

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