The Good & The Bad of Summer Weather in Alberta

Summer in Alberta is nothing short of amazing. We get to reconnect with the great outdoors, enjoy BBQ’s, festivities and each other. Summer can also bring amazing weather in the form of heat waves, hail storms, floods, forest fires and tornado’s. Weather has changed dramatically through the years and it’s severity has increased due toContinue reading “The Good & The Bad of Summer Weather in Alberta”

Alberta’s New Direct Compensation Property Damage (DCPD)

Why is Alberta moving to DCPD? DCPD is a fairer and more efficient approach to insurance claims and vehicle repairs, and is already used in most provinces in Canada. Under DCPD, damages to your vehicle will be repaired faster and without the delays and complications that can arise when dealing with another driver’s insurer. DCPDContinue reading “Alberta’s New Direct Compensation Property Damage (DCPD)”

Distracted Driving Hurts your Insurance

Distracted driving can attribute to up to a 25% or more increase in your insurance. Distracted driving convictions are considered by majority of Insurance Companies as a Major Violation. Insurance companies may NOT offer you Physical Damage coverage if you have a distracted driving Conviction. Average cost for distracted driving tickets in Alberta is approximatelyContinue reading “Distracted Driving Hurts your Insurance”