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Do you need car insurance in Edmonton? Let our years of experience work for you.  We do all the hard work finding you the best car insurance quote.

From the vechicle you drive to the motorhome you vacation in, protecting your assets is important. That’s why it pays to go with an insurance broker near you that understands your needs. 

When you want the most reliable nearby insurance agency to be your guide and consultant, reach out to Insuramix. Our mission is to help you find the most competitive insurance quotes from the top insurance companies in Edmonton.

Local Car Insurance Needs

We provide you with all the car insurance options that you need for that day. Whether it is a one day insurance for a mechanic inspection, car insurance renewal at a better rate, a free house and car insurance quotes to full coverage insurance, third party coverage options, cheap car insurance options or multi car insurance options for fleets and multiple insurance policies. We can help you calculate your car insurance policy for your specific needs. We all know that Edmonton is a beautiful part of Alberta to live in Alberta. Living close to the Rocky Mountains on one side of us and the fields of the prairies on the other side. Living in Edmonton can bring challenges when it comes to driving also. In winter driving, we have to deal with ice and snow road conditions. Slippery roads can lead to accidents and rocks chipping your windshield without notice. Be sure to speak to us about windshield rock damage claim coverage options. We know it will happen so be prepared with an affordable windshield replacement deductible.

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Real People With Real Service.

We understand that car insurance is a part of your lifestyle, not just a policy. Whether you are looking for better car insurance coverage near you, cheap car insurance , or an easier way to manage or renew your car insurance policy, we are here to help.

We take pride in finding the most competitive car insurance quote for your vehicle while providing you with personalized help and advice servicing your insurance needs.

Variety of Car insurance quote Edmonton region options

Our goal is to help you find the best car insurance policy in Alberta at the most affordable rate available in Edmonton. We offer free consultations and quotes on all types of auto insurance coverage, including:

Why Choose Us For Car Insurance?

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Third Party Insurance options

Our Edmonton-based team has access to many different companies, and we can shop around until we find the best insurance rates for you. We can also help with any questions you have about different policies or third party liability insurance coverages so that you know exactly what you are getting. 

Why Choose Us for Your Car Insurance?

Our Edmonton car insurance brokers are made up of licensed professionals who have years of experience in the industry. We are all about providing you with an easy way to find the best rates for your home and car insurance, truck, or SUV. If you needs car insurance in Edmonton nearby you now, then you have come to the right place.

At Insuramix, we offer you the best possible customer service and a quick, easy, and affordable way to compare insurance quotes from a wide range of different companies and policies.

Quick insurance services are nearby you now!

As a local insurance broker, we know the importance of valid insurance policies at a reasonable price that meet your unique needs. We have an insurance broker near you now. Just contact us and we can start to work out your particular insurance quote to find the right policy in your budget. We are located in the industrial section of Edmonton West close to the Costco locations.

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Car Insurance Near you now!

Our local Edmonton car insurance brokers are highly experienced professionals who can find you the best options on Edmonton auto insurance. We understand the regions and the needs of the locals. We will take the time to get to know your personal situation and preferences so we can recommend only the policies that meet your needs.

Edmonton Car Insurance Services

Our Edmonton insurance brokers have access to the same information as the insurers themselves. This allows us to find out which companies are offering the best deals and provide you with cheap car insurance when we can. We pass the savings along to you through competitive auto insurance coverage policies in Alberta. We strive to find the best value for your auto insurance and provide it to you in a quick process. When you are speaking to us, be sure to have your vehicle details ready to help us make the research phase quicker for you.

Comprehensive Car Insurance options

As local auto brokers, we understand the particular needs of Albertans and we want the insurance process smooth and keep you driving for as long as possible. With so much to see in Canada, driving is a wonderful way to see the country and maintain contact with friends in other provinces. Talk to us about your driving needs now!

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What car insurance is required by law in Alberta?

In Alberta, by law, you must have liability insurance coverage minimum for your car in order to insure a vehicle.

Which car insurance is best for seniors? 

When it comes to car insurance for seniors, there are a few factors that go into calculating seniors’ car insurance policies. It is best to speak with our local Edmonton insurance broker about your particular driving needs and the age of your vehicle. Our insurance brokers can help you determine the best auto insurance rates for you personally as an Alberta driver.

What car insurance coverage should I have?

If you want to operate a vehicle in Canada, you must have adequate auto insurance. For the bare minimum you have to have liability coverage. If the vehicle is financed then it should have both liability coverage and physical damage coverage. It is also important to consider third party car insurance. Speak to our car insurance agents about your specific needs.

Will car insurance cover rodent damage?

Unfortunately, auto insurance does not cover rodent damage in Alberta.

Will car insurance go up in 2023 in Alberta?

The completion of the annual GRID review of 2022 is complete. The Alberta Insurance Rate Board announced that Grid Premiums in Alberta will increase +10%, effective January 1, 2023 for both new business and renewal business.

Will car insurance cover windshield replacement?

Be sure to have windshield replacement coverage included in your vehicle insurance policy. Most Albertans choose to have limited glass coverage due to the gravel on the roads.  This glass coverage helps mitigate the cost of insurance. However, for individuals that have panoramic sunroofs, we recommend full glass as those cost roughly around 5K to replace as it ensures the integrity of the vehicle.

Will car insurance cover my sunroof?

Be sure to have sunroof coverage included to your insurance policy. For panoramic sunroofs, we recommend full glass as those cost roughly around 5K to replace as it ensures the integrity of the vehicle.

Will car insurance cover a blown engine in Alberta?

No, car insurance in Alberta does not cover wear and tear.

Will car insurance cover stolen items from my car?

No, the car insurance does not include stolen items from their vehicle. Be sure to leave nothing visible in the vehicle. Deter thieves as much as you can. Out of sight can be out of mind.

Will car insurance cover paint damage?

There is no auto insurance coverage for wear and tear in Alberta. The loss to the auto body paint must be a result of an insurable loss and they have to have the coverage for that.

Is car insurance important?

Yes, Auto insurance is compulsory to operate a vehicle on public roads in Alberta and across Canada. There is no alternative. Vehicle insurance provides your and other drivers and passengers with protection against Bodily Injury or Property Damage. This can be caused as a result of a driver’s negligence while operating a automobile. If they lend their vehicle then they lend their insurance too.

How does auto insurance deductibles work?

Car insurance deductibles are always applicable to insurable losses. When a deductible is applied it is used to help offset claims. The client would not claim for any losses under that deductible and if there is an insured loss over that amount then the insurance company would pay, but the client would have to pay their deductible first.

How are car insurance premiums are calculated?

Your car insurance rate is based on your driving record, soft credit score, type of vehicle that you drive, your age, the experience of the driver, and if you have tickets or accidents. Speak to us for your free auto insurance quote now!

Can I get a car insurance renewal quickly from Insuramix?

Yes, call us now to get started on your car insurance renewal process. We will speak with you in detail about your driving habits and gather a car insurance quote for you as quickly as possible.

How does car insurance work after an accident?

You want to contact your insurance broker or the insurance company after an accident. Almost every company has a 24/7 claims line. For Insuramix customers, contact us immediately. Go to our website and read up on DCPD to familiarize yourself with the process.

Can vehicle insurance companies deny coverage?

Yes, in fact, insurance companies can deny you vehicle insurance coverage due to a poor driving record. Thus, it is very important to maintain a safe driving record as best you can.

Can vehicle insurance be backdated?

No, your car insurance starts on the date that is determined by you and your insurance broker only. You can not back date an auto insurance claim. This is why it is important to get auto insurance immediately when you purchase a vehicle. Speak to us about our quick insurance quotes! Call us now (587) 520 7080


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