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Overland Water Protection

Overland Water Protection is a new coverage designed to protect against damage caused when ground water enters a dwelling through the foundation, basement floors or walls and/or sewer line. It covers damage caused by fresh water flood such as the overflow of a river, lake or other body of water. Also covered is the sudden accumulation of water due to heavy rainfall, spring run off or natural overflow of a dam, dike or levee.

Overland Water damage must be caused by a sudden weather-related event. Continuous or repeated seepage of water into your dwelling which happens over a period of time is not covered. This would be considered a maintenance problem such as a crack in the foundation or leaky pipe. In addition, the intentional release of a dam, dike or levee is excluded unless it was as a result of an official flood control measure. Storm surges and salt water flood are not covered

Calgary Floods in 2013 have changed how Insurance Carriers respond to Sewer Back up losses.  The introduction of Overland Water Coverage bridges the gaps of Water related losses.   To have coverage for a concurrent water loss during a fresh water flood you must carry both Overland Water protection and Sewer Back up Coverage to have the policy respond.

Overland Water Damage can be caused by spring thaw (snow and frozen grounds), heavy rains and snow melt runoffs. Downspouts, gutters and drains can overflow resulting in water entering the dwelling through the foundation, under ground level doors and other entry points

If you have purchased Sewer Backup coverage, you are covered for the backing up of the sewer line but not if it backs up in the time preceding, during or after a flood or if overland water enters your dwelling from any other entry point

Overland Water Protection is still vital even if you Rent and Apartment or have a Condo.  If a building is damaged by Overland Water and is rendered un-safe they will evacuate the building.  When this occur you will need to rely on your Additional Living Expenses such as the cost of temporary housing or relocating.  This would only be covered if you had Overland Water Protection.  

Overland Water Protection is NEW coverage.   As a result not all properties are eligible.  Mobile Homes and select Seasonal Properties unfortunately do not qualify at this time.  Certain locations in Alberta do not qualify if they are;

1.  Considered extremely high risk for flood 

2.  Have reverse driveways

3.  Dwellings within 100 meters of a river or other flowing body of water do not qualify.  


Cost of Coverage determines on the limits, deductibles and locations of the property.  Overland Water Coverage can be tailored to fit your budget by selecting higher deductibles or limiting amount of coverage payable.