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Keeping your property dry this spring (Aviva Canada Blog by Glenn Cooper)

           Inspect your roof:  To prevent leaks, get the roof inspected every few years to check the condition of the shingles. Clear out gutters to prevent blockages.

•           Install a backwater valve:  These valves close automatically if the sewer backs-up and can prevent thousands of dollars in damage.

•           Scope out your sump pump: If your basement has one, examine it and do a test run if it doesn’t get used frequently.

•           Check your foundation: This is especially important as the ice melts.  If you notice water pooling, find a way to lead the liquid away from your home.

•           Start right: If you are finishing your basement, make sure to seal your exterior walls.

•           Examine your insurance:  While overland flooding is generally not covered by insurance, you can add additional coverage, including protection from sewage backup.


What to do in the event of a Collision?


1. Be safe:  Before you start exchanging info from the other party after an accident it is important to get to safety as quickly as possible.  If the accident is a minor fender bender and the vehicles are driveable then Safely move out of the way of traffic.  If you vehicle cannot be moved or will cause further damage then don't move it.

2. Don't accept faultDon't admit fault or say "I'm Sorry" during your conversation as it could be used against you in proceedings.

3. Gather informationif you do not have a pen and paper handy then take photo's with your Android or Iphone: 

a)  Driver's License

b) Insurance Pink Card

c) Registration

d) Damage of your vehicle and Third Party's vehicle

e) Get info of any witnesses


If Police are on the scene collect their information.  If you sustain damage over $2000.00 make a police report.






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DISTRACTED that text really that important that you're willing to stake your life on it?.


Distracted driving is not only dangerous it is illegal.  Here are some great tips to prevent you from temptation of distraction.

1. Put your cell phone in your glove compartment and lock it.  Prevents you from texting or checking emails.

2. Give yourself enough time.  That way you're not tempted to do any personal grooming during your drive while getting to work.

3. Do your research: enter the address into your GPS or review your directions ahead of time before starting the car.

4. Secure your pets properly before driving.

5. Put all your printed material in the trunk.


Did you know you could receive 2 tickets if caught by the Edmonton Police Service one for distracted driving and a second one for driving carelessly!



Why is Property Insurance on the Rise?

The IBC Reported, from 2009 to 2014 insured losses from catastrophic events were close to or above $1 billion each year – most of this was due to water damage.  Flooding and related sewer back up damage is costly for homeowners, businesses, municipalities and insurance companies.  In fact, in 2013 insurers paid out a record-high $3.2 billion to policy holders.